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Visit the Martial Arts Academy in our Plainview and Stewartvlle, MN studios today for martial arts for kids and adults; specializing in families!

We provide martial arts classes for adults and children, and we're a dojang that specializes in training special needs children and adults.

Call 507-269-9164 today to learn more about the Tang Soo Do style of martial arts. We have Tang Soo Do training and classes at our Plainview location. We also provide special needs martial arts classes at our Stewartsville, MN.

About the Academy of Martial Arts

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About Tang Soo Do

Read about the history of the Korean martial art Tang Soo Do.

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martial arts training plainview mn

Train at the Martial Arts Academy

If you're interested in martial arts training, visit the Martial Arts Academy in our Plainview and Stewartville, MN studios for martial arts for adults classes. We offer free martial arts classes so you can see if our dojang is right for you before you decide to commit. Bring your kids to our academy or join us yourself because we're:

  • Experienced-instructor Thomas Yennie has been training in martial arts for 25+ years and has been an instructor since 1999.
  • Dedicated-we'll help you get to your desired skill and strength level.
  • Traditional-we teach the traditional side of Tang Soo Do, focusing on self-defense instead of tournaments.

Mr. Tom Yennie had opened and run 3 schools during the years of 1999-2009. He thought that burnt-out set in and that he was done teaching in the beginning of 2009, but due to the help of one special student, his nephew and good friend, Shawn Yennie, he got going again. With Shawn's help and persistence, the Plainview studio was opened in Feb 2010 as Yennie Martial Arts.

Tang Soo Do is a traditional style Korean martial art that is derived from fighting arts that first appeared during the Three Kingdom times of the Korean peninsula. The art consists mostly of empty hand techniques for both defense and offense. Korean martial arts are known for their use of many kicks, some of which are jumping, spinning, or both!

I started my training at the age of 27 in 1994, in the Moo Duk Kwan style of Tae Kwon Do/ Tang Soo Do. Early in my training I knew I wanted to become an instructor. I started teaching as a 2nd Gup in 1998. In 1999 as a Cho Dan Bo, my instructor gave me one of his branch schools to take over as my own school. I started with 4 students, 3 of them my own kids. In 2000 I received my Cho Dan. After receiving my E Dan in 2002, the school I took over with 4 students had grown to over 100 students.